Morte​(​s) Nee​(​s)


  • 2x12" LP
    Side A/B - 180 Gram Black
    Side C/D - Picture Disc

    It is pitch-dark, except for some strange flickering red lights, and the small parts of space they illuminate are drenched in turbulent fog and driven by a ferocious force. This force is nothing but the infernal sounds that cut the air, savagely pressing on your eardrums and squeezing your chest. Celeste stand out from their French compatriots by being hard as nails. Their sound is dense and punishing. It befits the bleak riffs and scathing vocals, which suggest black metal with steel armor plates. In reality, Celeste blend their own sinister brand of fury; metal meets sludge; doom meets post hardcore. Natural progression has brought well fitted samples along with piano & strings to their repertoire. Celeste is 'the now'; Celeste is 'the future'. DENOVALI RECORDS
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The French scene appears awash with technicolour crossover Black Metal (is that an oxymoron?) seemingly emerging as one of the most vibrant geographical musical entities anywhere in the world at the moment. Celeste’s Morte(s) Nee(s) delivers unrelenting sludgy BM that’s comparable to Cobalt with its earthly misanthropic groove. Celeste seem to have directed their wrath for only one half of the human race as Morte(s) Nee(s) is apparently about the ladies.

Seismic downtuned riffs straddle mid-tempo and doomy passages into the final track and set piece De Sorte que Plus Jamais un Instant ne Soit Magique which dabbles in drone-like simplicity. Here, Celeste’s sound really blooms into something dramatic and transcendent driving the album’s vicious intent to an infinitely dense singularity of pure noise.


released January 1, 2008


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